The parties over in philly…. for now.


The hockey world woke up to a real shaker in philly this morning. Flyers GM Paul Holmgren dealt his captain Mike Richards, and former NHL All-Star Jeff Carter, to the L.A. Kings and Columbus Blue Jackets, respectively. In return, Philly will recieve from L.A. prospect Brayden Schenn, and gritty winger Wayne Simmonds. Columbus will deal to philly former 7th overall pick, and telented winger Jakub Voracek. Voracek has spent 3 years with Columbus and has produced 134 points in 241 games. Columbus also sends over their 1st and 3rd round picks in the 2011 NHL entry draft.

Now lets break this down.

It was obvious that philly needed a salary dump to sign goaltender Ilya Bryzgolov, so the Carter deal makes sense, but really, where does the Richards deal really fit into this scenario. Philly was a team with an identity, a team that needed a proven goaltender to become a real cup contender. Now they’ve given up their captain, arguably their top 2 forwards, and the faces of the franchise. Im not sure anyone thought that philly was in re-build mode, after being in the stanley cup finals 2 years ago with a near identical team. I get the feeling that Holmgren doesnt think the current team is good enough to make a run this upcoming season, and has decided to make a push for the near future. It’s also possible he knows something we all dont, and giving up half of his offense wont really hurt as much as it looks.

The Flyers still have Briere and Giroux to carry the load offensively, and Voracek will likely be able to produce roughly the same amount of points Carter or Richards are leaving behind, but lets keep im mind that their former captain was once a selke finalist. Simmonds is a good two way player, but no where near the calibur Richards is.

+Cap space for an elite goalie
+Very solid third liner
+top draft pick
+decent prospect
+potential 60-70 point forward

-One of the best 2-way players in the league
-first line C
-first line C/RW
-130+points (60+ goals)

If i were a philly fan i’d be excited for the future. I just dont see them finishing top 3  in the conference again this year. The lineup does definitely equate to the playoffs though. They’re a deeper team than Nashville, and we all saw what a goalie did for them last year.  Dont forget Bryzgalovs struggles in this years playoffs.

Overall Winners?
L.A. – Winner
Philly – TBD
Columbus – Meh